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Great tool for metal purchasing agents. We've taken our popular metal weight calculator and it an app for Android Phones. or for calculating price per pound.

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The price per pound of stainless steel Current Scrap Metal Prices; Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound; How can one tell if something is real gold or gold plate? Q:

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How much does 1 inch steel plate cost. add 15 cents or more to the price of the plate, paid a less-than-market per-pound for the steel and some few

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Stainless Steel metal prices and expects earnings in the company's second quarter to improve "significantly" as steel price steel sheet, plate, slab

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See the Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound from Rockaway Recycling. Rockaway Recycling in Rockaway, New Jersey,


metalplatesource : weight of steel plate weight per foot for 1 inch x 1 inch bar: steel: 490 lb / cu ft: 0.28356 lb / cu. in: 3.4027 lb / l.f. aluminum:

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Use O'Neal Steel's calculators to determine steel weight, conversions, carbon equivalency and PCM. Plate weight does not allow for kerf. Inches to Milimeter

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Industrial Metals Prices and Charts. price of steel is 50.0 dollars per tonne. Zinc Price, North America: n.a. cents per pound: n.a. n.a.

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All prices are in cents per pound unless noted. (call for current price) cents per pound. Ask about 200#+ price . Stainless Steel .

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Stainless Plates. Home Products Hot Rolled, Annealed and Pickled Stainless Steel Plates. Thickness and Size in Inches Estimated Weight St. Per Sq. Ft. in Lbs

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Steelmaking Commodity Prices World steel raw material 1200 btu/pound, Units are cents per kilowatt hour. Iron Ore Costs. Ore prices are for Chinese

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Check here for price of scrap metal. Price of Scrap Metal. Please Note: Prices quoted below are delivered to our facilities. per pound: Stainless Steel (clean

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Steel price, price of steel, world steel prices, pricing, Price of steel hot rolled coil plate wire rod 2015 steel prices pricing forecasts. steel prices . historical

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What is the price of steel per pound? ChaCha Answer: The average price per pound of steel around the country is about 45 cents per pound.

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Largest selection of steel beams at wholesale prices. Any Quantity, Any Size, Delivered Anywhere! Online Metal Store. Steel Plate; Sheet. Aluminum Sheet;

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Cold Rolled Steel price per pound? What would be the top price per pound to offer for a couple tons of round and flat cold rolled steel? It's at a machine shop that's

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Steel Price Forecast for 2015: It Might Get 'Ugly' For example, A36 plate steel North American generic bar steel goes for about $200 per metric ton more than

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Scrap metal prices for the United States as well as other countries for scrap copper, Prices are per pound. Scrap Steel Plate weight per sf

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Cost per pound of different material when quoting jobs What would be a general cost per pound when Between the local competing steel suppliers, the price

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United Metals-Boise Updated scrap metal price list of Non-Ferrous Metals, Plate & Structural Steel: These are the prices you reported for United Metals-Boise.